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"After owning The Duchess of Markham for five years, I have never seen a night where our customers and staff alike enjoyed a great atmosphere of music and entertainment. Looking forward to their return."
Paul Cicchini, The Duchess of Markham

"As an unsuspecting forty-something year old recording engineer, I was presented with the opportunity to host the creation of Harry & Alan's debut CD at my recording studio.

"The most exciting memory of this experience was having Harry & Alan audition a new song they had just written called Escape The Rat Race. They were looking for input into whether the song was strong enough to be included on the CD. As a fellow songwriter, I think I know a good one when I hear one. As a forty-somethinger, I was very taken with the deep mood and reflective wisdom of the piece. I continue to find the song an inspiring partner for reflecting on past priorities and rethinking the next forty-something years.

"Some songwriters/artists never achieve this kind of emotional connection with a listener but Harry & Alan nailed it first time out. On a CD with cover versions of some of the greatest pop songs ever written, the two fortysomething original songs stand proudly as fully paid members of the club.

"Can't wait for the next one!"
Danny Scott, Producer/Engineer/Writer
Lindan Manor Studio

"fortysomething were just great. Our vendors and their customers keep asking us when they'll be back. I book them as often as my budget allows."
Keith Thirgood, entertainment coordinator, Markham Farmers' Market

"fortysomething played at our May Banquet. They were amazing. The girls have never had such a good time. They were fun, watchable and their voices are to die for."
Entertainment Committee, Canadian Federation of University Women, Markham-Unionville

"I've watched this duo perform from their early 'getting their feet wet' days at the Vets Club in Markham. Over the years they've evolved into a thoroughly professional and entertaining twosome, who know what they do well and go ahead and do it with just the right amount of patter and no grandstanding. In addition, fortysomething supports the Markham community in a big way and make themselves available, as often as possible, when their services are required."
Ardathe Reid, Entertainment Manager, Markham Village Music Festival 2007

"You guys were awesome and the acoustics in that place did not even do you justice.  Robert Plant always said that one of the most beautiful musical combinations is a guitar and a voice.  That was certainly the case last night - doubled of course.  Keep me in the loop if you guys are ever at Roy Thompson again as I would love to hear you perform in such a venue."
Brian Gregoire, Pegasus

"I first had fortysomething perform in a community show at the Markham Theatre. They did a great job of getting the crowd going, and they looked and sounded great. I felt so good about their performance that when I needed an opening act for Roy Thomson Hall I didn't hesitate to ask Harry and Alan. I had a lot riding on the show that night and Harry and Alan didn't let me down. Great look, great sound, great performance. They’re welcome on stage with me anytime."
Brian Roman, entertainer

"People love fortysomething. When they're playing, people come in off the street to listen. They're great for business. On top of that, they're really professional and they have great musicianship. They play feel good music."
Steve, Artisan Pubhouse

escape the rat race

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