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Our first CD has been a dream come true. Wow. Does that ever sound trite. But it’s true. Ever since we began playing together in high school over 30 years ago, we’ve dreamed of sharing our love for music with a wider audience.

And now we realize it’s even more than simply sharing. With Escape the Rat Race, we’re hoping we can inspire at least one of you to reach for your passion and live your dream.

What about you? Is there a book in you waiting to be written, a canvas waiting for you to paint or a place waiting for you to explore?

Success isn’t defined as a guest spot on Oprah. If you are pursuing your passion you’ve arrived. Life is now, book it, paint it, dream it, live it now.

Escape the rat race.

Alan & Harry fortysomething

To buy a copy of the CD Escape The Rat Race, go to myspace,
call 905-471-7170 or
come out to our next gig and get it from us in person!

20% of the proceeds of the sale of this CD go towards
supporting The Centre for Dreams.

"fortysomething were just great. Our vendors and their customers keep asking us when they'll be back. I book them as often as my budget allows."
Keith Thirgood, entertainment coordinator, Markham Farmers' Market

escape the rat race

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