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  The Centre For Dreams
In Ontario, intellectually challenged individuals must leave the public/separate school system after the age of 21. For over 16 years, The Centre for Dreams has provided educational services and vocational training to intellectually challenged adults. The Centre for Dreams strives to give their members the ability to lead independent, meaningful lives in our society.

  Capstone Communications Group
These folks designed our logo and this site. They're a top-notch marketing company, and we do endorse them.

Roger Carlsen Photography
Roger's a great photographer. He shot the cover our first CD, and is a great guy to work with. Roger specializes in portrait, wedding, fashion and editorial photography.

"You guys were awesome and the acoustics in that place did not even do you justice.  Robert Plant always said that one of the most beautiful musical combinations is a guitar and a voice.  That was certainly the case last night - doubled of course.  Keep me in the loop if you guys are ever at Roy Thompson again as I would love to hear you perform in such a venue."
Brian Gregoire, Pegasus

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