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Alan and Harry have been working on their harmonies since they met in high school almost thirty years ago. Harry and Alan have always been happy to pick up their guitars when asked to play at parties or charity events but, over the years, full time jobs and other commitments didn't allow the luxury of much practice or the development of new material. They did, however, enjoy entering talent contests and more often than not ended up in the top two or three in most of the contests they entered.

In the early eighties they landed their first paying gig when, after winning one night, they were asked to host the weekly talent show at the Unicorn on Eglinton Avenue. That led to taping a show with the Irish Rovers.

They continued to play at charity and community events and never really considered developing their act until recently. In 2005 they were asked to play their first official show at a venue in Markham, Ontario, which led to numerous requests for regular performances.

Since that night, they decided practicing might be a good idea. They also realized, having reached the age of “forty something”, maybe it was time to get a little more serious about their music. Brian Roman heard about fortysomething and asked them to open for him at a couple of charity events at the Markham Theatre. Brian enjoyed their energy so much that he asked fortysomething to open for him at his big, Roy Thompson Hall debut.

Harry and Alan are both serious about getting the message out -- embodied in their song, Escape the Rat Race. They hope to encourage their listeners to break out and reach for their dreams. Reaching for dreams is part of the reason they are donating 20% of the proceeds of sales of their CD to The Centre for Dreams in Markham.

escape the rat race

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